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Service terms of use

To use the services offered by Ltd. (hereinafter identified as the acronym "Py"), you must subscribe to the following conditions. The registration process Ltd. occurs only after accepting all the conditions by clicking the two buttons that read "I have read and accepted." In the following are the general conditions governing the use of the services Ltd., now called "website" or "Photocity" and who subscribes now called "user". The user is solely responsible for its own data entered on the registration form. The user is required to update their information every time they undergo a change that would no longer true.

Liability limitation
Py does not guarantee any kind of security in maintaining data on its website. The service it provides no guarantee of the presence of images on the site, and then you cannot and must not consider this system as a bank of images. Photocity reserves the right to delete images even in periods of time stated. Photocity disclaims any responsibility for the loss of some or all of the images on your site. Py disclaims any responsibility on the reliability of service, on time delivery of products that are purely indicative. You release Photocity any liability arising from a breach of the law that protects the copyright and any content that may defame and / or third offense, assuming the full and total responsibility for the publication of their images on the website. Photocity not provide for the publication of images unless protected by a password. Photocity does not send the password to any other user friendly, so the use of transmission to others and the password is your responsibility.

Service delivery time
The prints will be delivered on average within 48 hours after the order. This is considered an average time: disclaims any liability in case of delays and / or inefficiencies due to unexpected technical or accidents.
The mailing is done at the expense Ltd. on behalf of the client.

The billing will be done only in electronic form, with the observance of the Legislative Decree 20 February 2004, n. 52, and the Digital Administration Code, referred to in Legislative Decree 7 March 2005, n. 82.

Collaboration with law enforcement
Py large reserves every right to send the material published on the site to the judicial authorities who so request one. Py also pours every right to cooperate with the authorities when he did the same request one. Py reserves the right to report to authorities any act that will be detrimental to human dignity, and especially any abuse and / or maltreatment of children, if this may arise from the images posted on the site. Py also denounce the authorities whether any external attempt to force the security systems of the site or that may in any way be construed as hostile.

Treatment of personal data Article 10 law 675/96
1) The personal details will be kept for the sole purpose of 'accomplishment of the purposes related to the contract and fulfillment of specific obligations of legal and tax accounting relating to the quality of your service users;
2) Your data may also be transmitted and processed only for purposes related to external best performance of the business relationship (shipping, transportation, handling, accounting). The names of such persons are available at our administrative offices;
3) Data on the performance of the contract are treated with the help of computer and paper designed to ensure the security and confidentiality; not be distributed to foreign contractual purposes without prior consent;
4) The "owner" who determines the purposes and related to the processing of personal data, including the profile delay security, pursuant to art. 1 of L. 675/96, the administrator of the;
5) Money back guarantee. As required by law, you have the right to rescind the purchase within 10 days of receipt of your prints. In this case Photocity reimburse the full costs of transportation that you claimed to return the prints to Photocity if agreed.
The returns must be sent only to our headquarters:
Via Pisciarelli IV trav a dx 34
80078 Pozzuoli (NA)
Returns sent to an address different from the one indicated above will not be subject to refund or reprint.

Service safety uses the best technologies on the market. Nevertheless, it is not possible to consider the server as image bank. reserves the right to remove images from our servers, all or in part if this were to be required for technical or safety.

Any dispute will be referred to the court of Naples.

Information and consent under Article 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003
Py protects your information using the best security measures.
The photos shown on the website are password protected and will be visible only to you or those you have sent a password "friend".
One who has received the password friend will always have the opportunity to apply for shared printing photos, but can view them and print them only after you complete the registration with your personal data. The album art will remain on the website for 15 days from the date of mailing. Py reserves the possibility to lengthen the residence time in function of the available space.
Will not be permitted publications and prints - which also result in immediate removal from the website - by those who transmit images containing the following characteristics:
• Offend the dignity of the person;
• Have obscene and otherwise violate the preceding paragraph;
• Prove defamatory, invasive of privacy or other person;
• Are the personal content is protected by copyright;
• Have racist.
• All images that offend morality in general.
Py large reserves every right to cancel and / or do not publish all the images that are partially or even covertly identified in the above points. It will not be allowed to also post links to photos published in albums stacked You will still be able to delete the pictures in their albums to withdraw access to any third album by deleting it in the form. It is also not allowed to publish pictures that violate the law that protects the copyright and / or defamatory and / or offend third parties is they are natural or legal persons.