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Photocity is the first Italian manufacturer of digital printing online.

Power of the software. Photocity has a structure in which 8 Research & Development software engineers work as a team with a webmaster which produces high levels of efficiency for its users and partners.

It has over 500,000 members and is growing steadily. Every day an average of 400 new users register to its printing service.

Three established locations. Photocity has 2 production plants located in Naples and Parma that are supported by a home Customer Service department with the best print technology on the market today.

A unique range of products. Photocity presents the most advanced range of products in the world of digital printing, from classic professional photo books to standard prints. A trade agreement a month in partnership On average each month Photocity signs an agreement with a major brand to carry out operations together.

Some of Photocity partners: Xerox, Toys Center, Disney, Canon, ELDO, WcNet, Acqua & Sapone, Q8, Dreher,Colgate, Lindt, Narhinel, Polase, Sportler, Pampers, Bioclin, General, Nokia.

Publishing for the third millennium. Photocity is also a printing house that develops product lines and cultural products through experimentation and innovation Photocity is a platform for access to the publishing system using print-on-demand services for aspiring authors, emerging newcomers, writing workshops, cultural associations, academic institutions and any person who is interested in publishing their work and see it move according to the legal legislations.